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20+ years helping clients through problems with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and trauma.

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Jeanny Salmon Therapy

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Jeanny Salmon is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, specializing in Family and Marriage Therapy.

Jeanny has over 20 years of experience helping her clients overcome anxiety, depression, relationship issues and suicidal ideation, as well as issues relating to LGBTQ and Indigenous communities.

Jeanny is currently accepting new clients, and is available for daytime or evening sessions. 

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Therapy From Your Home or Office


Many people have very busy lives trying to juggle the demands of work and home. With E-Counselling, we are able to connect via web camera, email or telephone without you leaving the comfort of your home or convenience of your desk.

E-Counselling can help  to improve your overall quality of life and manage issues of stress, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, sleep, anger, grief, self-esteem or relationship issues.

Your Information is 100% confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the course of counselling varies from person to person, depending on your goals for counselling and your life circumstances. That being said, for most people counselling follows the same overarching pattern.

The length of counselling varies according to your goals for counselling, your life circumstances, and your life history.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, but here are three basic criteria that can help you make the right choice.

1. You can see yourself having a strong therapeutic relationship with them

2. They are skilled and confident. 

3. They’ve done their own therapy.

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